How to Prevent Getting the Flu & About the Flu Vaccine
April 26, 2016

Flu Season Tips and Points to Remember!

  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE FLU VACCINE: Flu virus reinvents itself not only season to season, but between vectors! (Person to person). That means it is kind of difficult to make a vaccine for an ever changing bug. By the time the bug is cultured, isolated and manufactured into a vaccine, the… Read more

How to Stay Healthy During Flight Travel
April 26, 2016

Sky High Health

Many of my patients are travelers, both for pleasure and business. Recently, while on a plane from South Carolina I had plenty of opportunity to ponder the “non-crash” related health risks of flying. As I looked around from my coveted middle-seat assignment I saw a variety of issues that came to my attention. To begin,… Read more

Cell Phone Use & Cancer | Cell Phone Safety Recommendations
April 26, 2016

Cell Phone Safety Recommendations

The cell phone is an amazing invention that I was originally resistant to embrace, but now find myself accepting with unconditional love and affection. Three things are always with me; keys, wallet and phone. I often wonder how business was conducted, friendships maintained and emergencies handled without these miraculous portable devices. Recently however, I read… Read more

April 26, 2016

Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine

Many patients understand my hesitancy in supporting the flu vaccine campaign fervor that has gone on over the last ten years. The lack of data supporting its efficacy and its questionable ingredients are enough to cause pause. But the “best guess” approach by vaccine makers to designing a vaccine that must be produced, bottled and… Read more


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