Standing Desks Help Spine & Back Health
April 26, 2016

Standing Workstation

The standing work station, in contrast to the traditional sitting station, forces our spines into the upright position for which we are naturally designed. Standing encourages body movement that is otherwise eliminated when we sit. Attributes of the standing workstation are as follows; decreased disk problems, decreased arthritic and degenerative changes, decreased repetitive stress injuries like… Read more

April 26, 2016

Spine Saving Recommendations for Road Trips

I love a good road trip. Sitting behind the wheel can be a liberating and mind-clearing experience. Everyone loves the proverbial “wind in their hair” and the road-worthy musical selections. The reflection of one’s relaxed, handsome, smiley self in the side mirror makes road-tripping a most pleasurable experience. Whether you are on your way to… Read more


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