Chiropractic care

We provide high quality, high-tech chiropractic care. Our approach is holistic and wellness minded. We use proven, effective chiropractic techniques for your adjustments. Our adjustments are gentle and specific and progressively renew and restore your body’s innate state of excellent health. Techniques used in our office are Thompson Drop (moderate force adjustments) and Diversified/ Manual ( slightly more assertive adjustment techniques mad with specific hand on movements).

“So grateful for the team of amazing Doctors here! I’ve seen Dr. Lindsey for several adjustments and she always gets me back on track… no matter how much of a mess I might initially show up as! Both Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Adrienne go above and beyond to ensure the needs of each individual are met… and they have super fun personalities to keep you comfortable throughout! Thank you for the exceptional care!!”
~ Jen Sanders

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a wonderful healthcare choice for the expecting mother. There are many benefits of undergoing regular chiropractic check-ups throughout your pregnancy. Studies have reported easier transition throughout the pregnancy, shortened labor times, decreased risk of C-section and increase overall stated satisfaction while pregnant. When you become pregnant, it is recommended that you have a pre-evaluation by your chiropractor to determine your chiropractic needs during the many stages of your babys intrauterine development. Most likely, if you are having a healthy pregnancy, only periodic adjustments to address the changing weight forces and loosening of your ligaments may be all that you need. For difficult pregnancies, more regular care may be necessary.

During the last four weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that you get checked for subluxations once a week as you travel down the homestretch. It is also advised to be adjusted as close to delivery as possible. Adjustments during pregnancy are suitable and safe for you and your developing child. Our tables allow you to lie comfortably face-down for the majority of your pregnancy.

Webster technique

The Webster technique is a gentle ligament release and adjusting protocol that has shown effective in reducing in-utero constraint. In-utero constraint is due to the transfer of tension that may exist across the uterine abdominal area from stress imposed upon it from surrounding ligaments and in proper sacral (pelvic) position. In-utero constraint has been associated with a high incidence of fetuses that are in breach or fetal position expired. Expectant mothers are often referred to doctors of Chiropractic who are proficient in this gentle technique. If in-utero constraint is determined to be present, the Webster technique is administered to relieve the restraining forces, thus allowing the baby to establish the preferred head-down position.

After the delivery of your child

Enjoy the return to the prepregnancy state, but understand that your body is undergoing the greatest transition of its life. Chiropractic care is equally vital during this time as your body works to heal and rebalance from labor, delivery and the demands of adjusting to raising an infant.

Your baby deserves the benefit of beginning life free from nervous system interference. A thorough infant chiropractic evaluation is vital, especially if your child experiences breech presentation, shoulder dystocia, difficult in-uterine environment, forceps delivery, latching difficulties, vacuum extraction, ceasarian section, colic or extended labor and delivery.

“Drs. Adrienne and Dr. Lindsay are the best! Super-skilled, extremely knowledgeable. I always leave feeling immensely better. Can’t recommend them enough!”
~ Maria Elena K.

Adjunctive care

Drs. Adrienne and Lindsey DiNicola may also use specific soft tissue massage, extremity adjustments, cranial sacral technique and Active Release Technique to support your spinal adjustments. You may be evaluated for orthotics to create better effectiveness of your spinal care. You may have heat/ice applied therapeutically, and you will be “coached” during most visits. Coaching may include: exercises, stretches, nutrition tips, breathing methods, stress relieving techniques and reading assignments. We believe in teaming with you on your health goals and making you an active participant in achieving those goals.



Chiropractic care for kids is in the central part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether your child has specific health concerns that need to be addressed or if you would just like to ensure exceptional growth and development both mentally and physically, periodic chiropractic check ups for your child are important. Whether an infant, toddler, or child is assessed in our office, they are fully evaluated and recommendations will be shared openly with you and your child because Dr. Lindsey DiNicola specializes in the pediatrics’ scope of knowledge regarding issues of children’s health.

Our office is welcoming and open to children, from our private toy and playroom to our dedicated staff, who are not shy about bouncing babies and getting down to their eye level to build a tower.

Chiropractic adjustments on little ones are gentle and effective. Light force is applied to the spine to restore motion of the vertebrae and function of the nervous system that may have been compromised during pregnancy, delivery or early development. These vertebral fixations are what chiropractors refer to as subluxations. Subluxations can limit range of motion and function of the spine but most importantly can decrease the function of the nervous system and, in turn, decrease input to the brain. This can interfere with normal development and the ability to respond and adjust to one’s environment.

If you are concerned about your child’s health, or just want to give them the best opportunity to develop to their full potential, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation or an initial evaluation.


  • Why do children become subluxated?

    If your child’s body is stressed, either by physical, chemical or emotional stresses, there may occur a loss of normal spinal bone position and movement or a significant increase to the tone of the spinal cord. This in turn causes a disturbance in the nervous system function. The loss of normal function accompanied by the neurological disturbance together called a spinal subluxation. This can prevent a child’s nervous system from accurately receiving, processing and responding appropriately to changes taking place within their body and environment.

  • When should a child have his or her first chiropractic check-up?

    One of the most physically, chemically and emotionally stressful events that we all experience in life is being born. Because the birth process is unavoidably stressful, newborns are particularly susceptible to becoming subluxated during birth. Such stressors may not be immediately obvious and, if left uncorrected, may not become apparent for many years. To ensure your child gets the right start in life, many progressive parents get their child checked out by a chiropractor as part of post-natal care to facilitate their optimum growth and development. If you’re children have not had a chiropractic check up, the sooner the better. It has been shown that negative patterns, if laid down early in life, may persist and limit a child’s future growth on the number of levels throughout their lifetime. By having your child’s spine checked for subluxations periodically throughout their lifetime, they will be better prepared to face all the challenges life has to offer.

“I love me some chiropractic care. I’ve been to a small handful of chiropractors in the Issaquah area and this one by far exceeds expectations! You start with a thumper massage and heat. Already a happy camper. Then the adjustment. Double happy camper. The two sisters are equally awesome chiropractors and I usually see Dr. Adrienne. She has some great techniques that couple with her awesome skills. After the adjustment, you get to hang with an ice pack. I love their client care and routine. Their office staff is also super nice which makes the visit fantastic from beginning to end. I’ve also sent a few friends in and they are all super happy with their treatment and results.”
~ Crysta L.

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