Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed Your Baby

Fifty Good Reasons to Breastfeed

By Luis C. Ortiz, M.D.

Originally Printed in: I.C.P.A. Newsletter March/April 2000

  1. It enhances the deep emotional relationship between mother and baby.
  2. Produces a psychological benefit for the mother, father, baby and family.
  3. Diminishes Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS).
  4. Produces better social and emotional development of the baby.
  5. Produces a better psychomotor development.
  6. Allows better growth.
  7. Helps faster recovery from illnesses.
  8. Prevents malnutrition.
  9. Diminishes risk of dying.
  10. Satisfies the sucking needs of the baby.
  11. Diminishes frequency of baby’s tooth cavities.
  12. Diminishes the need for tooth braces.
  13. Prevents the development of pathogenic germs in the intestines.
  14. Allows the digestive tract to develop quickly.
  15. Diminishes the possibilities of infantile colic.
  16. Diminishes the risk of diarrhea.
  17. There is no worrying about the lack of formula upon an emergency.
  18. Diminishes the chances of infantile cancer.
  19. Diminishes the risk of diabetes.
  20. Diminishes the risk of obesity.
  21. Diminishes the risk of ear infections.
  22. Diminishes the frequency of respiratory illnesses.
  23. Diminishes the risk of allergic illnesses.
  24. Diminishes the risk of diaper rash (dermatitis).
  25. Contains lactoferrin, which transports iron and increases the immunity.
  26. Diminishes the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer.
  27. Diminishes puerperal bleeding.
  28. Diminishes risk of osteoporosis.
  29. Reduces depression in mothers after birth.
  30. Slows down the reappearance of menstruation, giving more time until the next pregnancy.
  31. Favors education of others in the family for practicing breastfeeding.
  32. Diminishes tendency of child abuse.
  33. Favors the realization of a woman in her role as a mother.
  34. It is more practical. Facilitates feeding during night time, trips, parties…
  35. Saves money and time.
  36. It is more hygienic and sterile.
  37. It has the ideal complete components every time.
  38. Contains all the nutrients.
  39. Saves money in healthcare services.
  40. Does not pollute the environment.
  41. Does not require heating and the energy waste from such procedure.
  42. Does not require container.
  43. Diminishes the use of medicines.
  44. Diminishes the frequency of medical consultations.
  45. Reduces the frequency of hospitalizations.
  46. Diminishes the frequency of complementary examinations.
  47. Breast milk has the right temperature.
  48. Breast milk is produced in just the necessary amount.
  49. Does not leave residues or garbage.
  50. Diminishes the frequency of newborn abandonment.

Written by Luis S Ortiz MD, from Amigo de la Madre y el Niño de Rosario deLerma hospital -Published in the IBFAN Report


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